Monday, August 27, 2012


Several project ideas have been going through my head....but first I had to clear my plate of ho-hum household tasks and lots and lots of paperwork.  My expectations were to get started on one of these two piles yesterday but that didn't happen.  Perhaps today....

 Some of the marbled fabrics made during the Fiber Junkies July gathering have been calling me.  I'm thinking of combining them into a simple, unlined jacket made using silk noil.  I don't have much of the silk noil marbled fabric so it will be reserved for details on the jacket.
Another FJ dyeing day yielded many smaller, heavily felted pieces which might be nice backdrops for some concentrated beading......and that's exactly what's needed to keep my hands busy in the evening.

Because....I've been revisiting the past via DVD and loving every minute. So much so, my eyes never left the TV screen, but I'm sure shortly, I'll be looking for handwork again.

I was a huge a Dallas and Falcon Crest (which ran from Dec. 1981 - May 1990) fan. I got hooked on these back-to-back CBS shows while I was going through a series of back operations....with annoyingly long recoveries.  We were living in a suburb of Chicago at the time, and we'd travel to our weekend home in Wisconsin every Friday night.  The goal was to arrive before 8:00 PM so I didn't miss a minute of these two shows (yes, my life was not very exciting during that time period). Our cabin was heated with wood so in the winter, I'd sit there freezing in my coat, glued to TV while 'the husband' & son would get the place up and running.  How funny to think of those days without a DVR or even the ability to tape shows!  I just started rewatching Falcon Crest from the very first episode and intend to watch every silly minute to its conclusion.  

FYI - the show Dallas is now back with some of the original characters, critics have panned it but I'm hooked.

I know...this is surely more than you wanted to know about my life!!

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Robbie said...

Nice to get more insight as to who the REAL Mary Stori is! I forgot all about Falcon Crest! Geezzzz I was raising and showing horses back in the 80's so I didn't watch much TV...I do remember my daughter talking about Dallas...still haven't seen glad football is back on! But perhaps I should watch some of these old shows on Netflix! I might be missing something!