Thursday, August 9, 2012


One of my favorite days each month is our PTA meeting day.  

Today we were treated to a relaxing, food filled, fun day at Gen's.  Our group has a lot going on right now.....numerous exhibits concluding and others gearing up....all of which meant collecting and dispersing a lot of quilts.

After our 'work' was done.....we got down to good eats and inspiring quilts.

 Barbara did it again....her eye for design is impressive.  This quilt has been created using the 'disappearing 9-patch' approach. In other take a 9 patch block, chop it up and reassemble it in a different manner.  There are many tutorials available on the internet to help guide you.....just google it.  Here's one to get you started.
 Kate has been working on this beauty for quite awhile.....  Her sense of color and piecing skills make this civil war reproduction fabric a winner.  And it's HUGE!
 Now that her top is complete, she's auditioning borders.  The pieced strip is a perfect addition.....figuring out what fabric to set it in is her current challenge.   

Several members felt the dark, solid appearing one on the right was better. To my eye, it seemed too harsh....and detracted from the patchwork.  Personally, I favored the small print on the left.  I know Kate will make the perfect decision....even if it isn't either one of these!
Georgia Bonesteel came in with a rag rug and a pair of scissors.  WHAT???  She explained that the rug started coming apart along one of the edges after a trip through the washing machine.  Ya.....that's happened to me many times too.....Grrrr! I LOVE rag rugs, but am always disappointed when they fall apart with cleaning.

Clever Georgia simply unraveled the strips from the end closest to the damage, retied the string ends and trimmed them......  Sooooo smart!!

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