Saturday, August 25, 2012


Finally, the fabrics I printed with the Fiber Junkies were washed, dried and pressed.  I seem to have been stuck on greens & yellows this time and this puny amount sure doesn't look like it took all day to create. did.

Most of these deconstructed prints have a lot of background texture.  That's because the muslin I used had been previously soaked with soda ash....probably a good 6 months+ prior.  The fabric was super, super crinkled.  Once the soda ash is on the fabric, it can't be I used it as is and actually am happy with the results.

Though I used numerous leaves for this design.....they aren't very visible....
More leaves that are hardly apparent.  Again....I think this was the result of printing on fabric that simply was not flat.  I got a lot of unprinted areas (white blotches and streaks throughout).  To blend the colors better, I simply smeared more print paste on the fabric, after it was printed and still wet.  I'm pleased as it will be a good background fabric.
4 prints using mop strings and plastic rings....the red got a little too pinkie for me but it will be fun to figure out how to use it anyway.
My big disappointment.....using a mesh bag for the design....and 3 dye colors.  I might as well have just painted the dye onto the fabric instead!!  It looks a little landscapy and I'm sure I'll find a use for them.
Judy brought all sorts of scraps to play with and to share.  These are organza.  It was the end of the day before I got to work with them so I decided to use up some of the dye left in the many containers we had going, painting lines onto the fabric using a sponge brush.  Then, water was sprayed onto the fabric to dampen...helping to bleed the colors together.

Another fun day in the life of a Fiber Junkie....and of course emails are already flying back and forth to determine what the focus of our Sept. meeting will be. Perhaps another messy outdoor dye event before our weather turns cold....or not....  You can be sure, whatever we do will be reported here!  Thanks for following my adventures and all your comments!!


Jennifer Rodriguez said...

Fun! Love how they turned out.. Need to try something like that soon! Thanks for the inspiration..

Robbie said...

I too thought your leaf screen would have printed with more definition...hmmm I'm going to have to go back and look at the original screen again.
But what fun!!! And your do have some nice pieces to work with!