Thursday, August 30, 2012


Holy cow.....yes, this bovine lover really said, holy cow!!  Progress is going slowly on this piece.  Seems for every 10 beads I add, I take 12 off!  Because I'm just doodling.....but probably with way tooooo much thought, the beading is going slowly.

That's okay, as I always tell my students....try to think marathon....not sprint.

I'll admit to be fairly distracted while stitching last night as we had a reprieve from hog round ups & car shows.  Our son and his wife, who put so much thought into gift giving....gave us the complete TV series 'Wired'.  Many claim this is/was the best show on TV.  We are delighted to have the youngins' to keep us up to date!!'s full of scoundrels for sure....always a plus for drama.  Problem is, that it was filmed in such dark light, it's very difficult to see which bad guy is doing what.  I had the same complaint about the original 'Homicide' (and I think these two are connected via actors and perhaps directors). requires more than a casual glance at the screen to follow the dirty dealings!

Tonight....and realize...I've only made one reference to the NFL so far......the Green Bay Packers will be on TV here.....YEAH.....let the season begin......

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Robbie said...

Go Packs! Go Lions! My son and grandson are going to last preseason Lion's game tonight. I'm sure we'll both have a good season watching. My hubby has Rodgers as his quarterback on 2 (Yes, 2 - he's in 3!) fantasy football games this season!! Guess I'll have to root for Packs as well as Lions!
Oh, yes, I like your latest handwork piece! I really liked the last one in this colorway!