Sunday, April 3, 2011


By now perhaps you've contacted your bestest quilt pals and are planning your own quilt least I hope my posts have encouraged you to run away from home for a few days to recharge your battery.

Although I still have enough 'material' to post daily for another week about our retreat....some things are best left to one's imagination.

I'll conclude with a peak at a demo Kate organized for us.

She showed us an interesting and fairly easy technique for rusting fabric. Many of you may have already played with other methods to turn plain fabric into textured's fun isn't it? If you haven't, Google 'rusting fabric' to find specific instructions.

We started with a piece of damp PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric.....which was sprinkled with salt.

....and covered with steel wool.....

....rolled around a wine bottle.....

.....secured with rubber bands and wrapped with copper wire. It will be kept wet for about a week and then removed to reveal fabric that may look like Kate's samples below:

Thank you Kate for your generosity!!! My fabric is still 'cooking'......

I'm looking forward to my upcoming teaching trip tomorrow to the Nimble Fingers Quilters Guild in Potomac, MD......and blogging when I can.

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Wendy said...

Wait... Is there still a cork in that bottle?!
Are you telling me ya'll didn't drink it FIRST?!?!