Sunday, April 3, 2011


Among the many activities we do at our annual retreat each year is a sort of guessing game. The first year each of us brought 1 baby picture of our self and 1 during our teenage years. The idea was to guess who was who.

The next year we brought photos of our first quilt......there are no prizes....just a lot of good hearted kidding and much laughter.

This year each of us brought 3 facts that others may not know about us. They were to be typed on a 4" x 4" piece of paper and deposited in a basket at our retreat house.

So, after the first sewing day, before dinner (otherwise possibly known as cocktail hour)......we began the fun..... This was so much fun and we learned a lot of unexpected details about our friends.

We've already decided that next year we will be guessing each others 'bucket lists'.....that is if we remember that's what we decided to do.

After dinner we played "Guessters" (I think that was the name)......sort of a charade Barbara was monitoring Linda Cantrell who was pre-selecting her cards......that's not in the rule book, so Barbara had to recount the appropriate number for her.

Hummmm......the cheating escalated and Georgia was being observed by 3 of the opposing team members. We laughed for hours!

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