Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm interrupting my PTA retreat reports with some views from the opening reception for the L.I.N.T. Exhibit. It runs through April 30th. at Gallery 86 in Waynesville, NC.

I'm delighted to be a new member of this amazing group of artists.

I often refer to the work of my friend Judy Simmons who magically transforms photos into fabric collage wall hangings. She has three pieces on display.

Suzanne Gernandt is the owner of Textures on Main in Waynesville and an artist who weaves, paints, embellishes her work. I love the simplicity of what actually is a complex number of techniques.

I chose to exhibit my 4 Seasons tree series.....featuring hand applique, hand quilting, beading, and embellishing.

Janice Maddox has a knack for taking traditional patterns and developing the designs into contemporary wall hangings.

Vikie Essig's work will blow you away. She weaves natural elements and small found objects into her work, playing with light and translucency, and the dichotomy between fragility and strength. Because of the bright lights in the gallery, my photo doesn't do this piece justice.....but visit her work here to see other work that can be purchased.

I'll be featuring the work of other members from time to time so you can see the diversity of this group

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Windy Hills Happenings said... great to see part of the exhibit since I had to miss the opening...your pieces look great!!