Monday, April 11, 2011


Working on 3 different projects doesn't lead to quick results for any of them.....but it's often my routine. Studio/design time takes place in the day and handwork in the evening.... WHY not?? I never have control over the TV clicker anyway!!

This piece was originally to be my 2011 donation for the annual Alzheimer's Priority Quilt Initiative.....but due to the size limitation of my deconstructed screen printed fabric.....I added border to the center panel. was too large for the target 9" x 12".

I decided not to cut the borders down to achieve the correct size since they'd be really narrow. Instead I'm finishing it as is and I'll make another piece for the Fall Houston sale. I spent several hours hand quilting the background. But due to what turns out to be a suprisingly busy background (at least it is for my taste)......the hand quilting wasn't supporting the design at all.

So....unhappily, I ripped it all out and then, yup....I'm nothing if not persistent.....tried a different quilt pattern...again by hand. And, yup...I ripped that out too. Yesterday I machine echo quilted it, bound it, and am almost finished the hand stitching on the binding.

Now I look at it and am not totally happy. Wanna bet that a beaded edging treatment will be added? The design seems lost and needs to be 'framed'. Beads should do that. I'll be busy tonight!


Exuberant Color said...

I think it is the best piece you have done. There is interest in the background and in your design and they work so well together. Neither takes away from the other. Of course, you know me, busy is the usual type of quilt I make.

Robbie said...

Mary, the evergreen turned out great!!! I love I can't even remember how I quilted mine!! Seems like I did echo..hmmmmmm I do really love your background..the beads just set it all off! Very nice!

Marie said...

Have you tried something dark between the piece and the border? Wome of the dark green beads perhaps?