Friday, April 22, 2011


Yesterday we gathered for our April Fiber Junkie play date......we are a group of 6 who meet to share and experiment various fiber related techniques and of course enjoy friendship. Our agenda yesterday was die cutting, using machines such as those made by Sizzix.

Patsy Thompson hosted this meeting and provided many of the die cutting machines we used.

Sharp metal shapes are mounted on blocks of wood and covered with foam.

Pasty gave us a great suggestion......she traces the design with a permanent pen for faster identification once they are out of their packaging.

Fabric (backed with a paperbacked fusible if desired) can be stacked and cut in layers for instant gratification.

Fabric is stacked onto the cutting block and placed between two plastic 'carriers' which easily run through the machine by hand cranking. Pressure rollers allow the cutting to take place.

Look at the detail that can be achieved!!

Plastic embossing sheets can also be used to add texture to various items. Here you are seeing a LARGE die cutting machine and a embossing 'folder'. Items such as this small piece of brown grocery bag can be textured when run through the machine.

.....and thin metal.....we were all leaping for joy as various products were tried.

more to come......


Bev said...

Oh, that looks like so-o-o much fun! Do the other cutting machines work as well as the "GO"?

Mary Stori said...

We basically worked with the Sizzix and were very happy with the quality.....Patsy Thompson has them on her website (often discounted) and she'll be unveiling some wonderful new die cut designs at market....they are FAB!!!

Julie Bagamary said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

Lisa said...

I've been admiring these on Patsy's website for some time. So fun!