Friday, April 1, 2011


PTA members are a very talented group of are some of the projects and show and tell from our retreat.

Gen was working on this master piece......

The piecing was incredibly complicated.....and so impressive.....every seam matched!!

Georgia Bonesteel brought this quilt that will be part of an upcoming PTA exhibit (I'll blog about it when it's up)

Barbara was working on this design......she has such superior skills combining a large variety of fabrics.

Lynne tip toed across the room and added a few orange color shots into the design......perfect!

Mary B. has been English hand piecing this large quilt for's been so rewarding seeing her progress.

Kate generously makes many charity quilts that she long arm quilts. This one, featuring bright conversation fabrics, is so cheery.

More to follow.......


Katie said...

Mary! That first quilt (the plaids) has totally caught my fancy! I could figure it out for myself, but first I always like to make sure there isn't a printed pattern. Don't want to step on a designer's toes. Do you know how I could find out?


Mary Stori said...

I'll ask my friend and if this is a pattern, I'll post the info here asap.