Sunday, January 30, 2011


This past weekend was our annual trek to Daytona Beach, FL for the Rolex 24 Hour car race.....really it's a guy thing but according to 'the husband' I am not exempt from attending.

We've been following the Flying Lizards race team (why that name?? who knows??)......for ages. There was high hopes for their entry this year. The race is grueling on both man and it runs 24 hours straight. The first car across the start/finish line after 24 hours,'s as simple and difficult as that.

This is the sure looks impressive to me. Sadly, it blew up less than an hour before the end of the race......probably ruined the car too since it caught on fire. Thankfully, the driver got out okay. There were many Porsches in the winners circle....just not this one.

Each year we notice more and more 'branding'.....sponsors of everything from the race itself to parking lots. Can you believe it?? The parking lot and camp grounds need a sponsor? ENUFF!!!

And one sponsor isn't enough......there seems to be a lot of partnering too.

How can anyone have any loyalty with so many to choose from??

We noticed far fewer massive motor homes this year and tons more tents. Many huge fields that had been used for parking in the past were turned into tent far as the eye could see. Preparation in this photo is pits are dug, supplies laid out. Sadly, when we walked through this same area the next morning......much of it was disgusting.....full of trash, and sleeping bodies. I'm sure the track officials will be rethinking their decision.....many of these attendees are not race fans, rather they are party goers.

Someone brought a Christmas tree.....fitted with lights and apparently beer cans will be added as they are emptied.

Now this WAS impressive.......look at the size of this was in the more upscale motor home area.

Hey.....a Green Bay Packer fan! I might mention......I'm beginning my 7 day countdown to Super Bowl Sunday.....when the Pack will be crowned 2011 Champs!!! GO PACKERS......

There are all kinds of activity going on before and during the race. This artist was painting an original work of art (car art I guess you'd call it)......he painted quickly with buckets of paint and large brushes along with blaring rock music.

And for those of you who've followed my blog for a long I didn't see Dr. McDreamy in person this year....though he was there and was pictured on the jumbo TV screens several times.....his race team's car actually finished the race this year.

Now back to sewing.....

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