Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've mentioned my quest to find homes for many of my show quilts and pieces that have been published in my various books. Happily, some are already being enjoyed, instead of being folded up in my pie safe and other storage places in our home.

Recently, someone who has traveled with me on several of my quilting cruises, and who I now call a friend, expressed interest in the 'cover' quilt of my DVD.

The quilt utilizes batik fabrics, reverse applique, machine quilting and lots of beading.
Like most authors, I never considered selling a quilt that was so prominently featured, but after some seemed so right that Joyce add this piece to her butterfly collection! the 'Fluttering By' has flown off and will be enjoying mile high living! I couldn't be more pleased.

If there is a quilt in my collection.....that you'd like in YOUR collection......don't hesitate to email me to discuss the possibility.....prices are competive and fair.

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