Monday, January 24, 2011


Sorry to keep this celebration going.....I can't help myself!!!

We are going to the Super Bowl......though beating the Bears in Chicago for the NFC Championship was a completely satisfying win no matter what.

I really do have some quilt related posts set to you....hang in there....they are coming....


Windy Hills Happenings said...

I could hear the screams of excitement over in Asheville!!

Vicky F said...

Hi Mary (aka Cheesehead)
Watched the game and Woo Hoo for you!! I watched the next playoff game too; didn't it make you cold to see those guys in short sleeves in 15 degree temps? I was bundled up for them!
At least the Superbowl is in Dallas; even if it's 50 degrees, that's warm enough for football.
Vicky F (West Mich)

Robbie said...

I am really happy for you ( & us!)..but secretly I'm hoping GB does win! If my sister heard me she'd be shocked! I just think they deserve it! Enjoy your time!!!