Tuesday, January 25, 2011


After the necessary Green Bay Packer reports (interruptions to some)......here's more show and tell from our January Fiber Junkie's meeting.

We generally gather in each other's homes, but this time we met at a restaurant to make the drive time for all of us, who are spread out in every direction from Asheville, more convenient. The purpose of this meeting was to organize/plan for the upcoming year. We set our goals based on the techniques/skills we wanted to learn/share from each other. It's going to be another year of expanding our knowledge and having fun with like minded, committed quilters.

Here Patsy Thompson shows us her latest masterpiece. She's been having such fun working with the Sizzix Big Shot, quickly and accurately cutting fabulous designs utilizing this tool.

See her tutorial here.

Judy Simmons has been spending time lately creating small studies.....it's a great way to try out new techniques and design ideas. The main section of this piece came from her recent 'mushroom' series, made using deconstructed screen printing.

Carol Sloan loves making small pouches/journals etc. and often combines her whimsy drawing skills, fabric paints, and machine stitching.

I admired the beaded edging she has featured at the top of this pouch......

If you don't belong to a small fiber group, I encourage you to start one. We all know quilters we admire....so....go ahead and connect with several to start your own mini group where ideas and support are the focus.

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