Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've continued to plug away on my construction project......

The background of this small wall hanging is hand-dyed felted wool, while both 80/20 rayon/wool woolfelt and bamboo/rayon felt are being utilized for the 'houses'. I'm fairly satisfied with the color arrangement and shapes.....

My attention now turned to the 3 trees that will be incorporated into the design. After auditioning every green/gold/red wool felt fabric I had in my stash, nothing worked. I turned to other materials....first looking for the right color and secondly for something that would provide more texture.

During one of the dye sessions with the Fiber Junkies.....I dyed some gray cheesecloth which yielded this mottled green.

By fusing two layers together....the fabric became sturdier and prevented the edges from unraveling once the tree shapes were cut.

But, while trying to convince myself this was the answer I was seeking......I dug further in my stash and found a couple more choices.

My friend Nancy Bruce gave me this treasure.....it's a 100% wool hounds tooth that she hand dyed....but it's not felted. The quality of some wools are just too high and therefore they will not felt. Of course that fabric is still suitable to use, but it will ravel so the edges must be secured.

Okay....I like this much better..... Thank you Nancy!!! The next decision will be to hand or machine applique the houses......

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