Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm risking sounding like a broken record......but this winter is looking as bad....maybe worse then last year! WE DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS when we moved from Wisconsin to NC.

Yup, we are getting grumpy...... It's been difficult to even keep count of the number of snowfalls because these storms are now lasting for days at a time. It started snowing overnight Thurs. and by last night we already had 6+" inches on the hasn't stopped so now we probably have a foot in some places. What's even more mind blowing is the prediction of a BIG storm on Sunday/Monday.....big??? We already have BIG....

But.......we can't control Mother Nature so working off our frustration seems to be a better approach then complaining. Several weeks ago we purchased Yaktrax to fit over our waterproof shoes. They were quite pricey so I boldly predicted to 'the husband' that since we did buy would assure we wouldn't have any more snow. I was so wrong! They work really well by providing traction when walking/running on snow or ice.

No running was taking place here......'the husband' forged ahead while I lagged behind....even using Yaktrax and walking was difficult going in this deep snow.

I guess I didn't get a good view of the mountain stream that I was aiming for....beyond the clump of branches. It was a challenge to pull out the camera from my pocket, remove my gloves, and take a picture.......wind gusts almost blew me over at times.

But....gosh.....isn't this beautiful. And.....we haven't lost our electric power so we are warm, with internet and DISH services in place. We have plenty of food (I worked off a lot of calories so dessert is on my agenda tonight).

Now I'm going to SEW......


Wendy said...

I'm sorry to be the one to inform you Mary, but... (and you *know* when someone tells you that, they're not really sorry at all!)
You moved to the WRONG PART of NC!!! You should have moved to Charlotte (which has nothing whatever to do with the fact that i live really really close to Charlotte!) where the weather really IS mild, especially compared to the NC mountains!

Or didn't you know that it snows a lot in the mountains?
Whoever told you that it doesn't really snow in the NC mountains (prolly a Realtor!) LIED to you!

Seriously? Sorry about all this blasted snow. But at least you get desserts now! =-)

Shasta said...

I hope you get some relief soon, although please don't send it to Ohio! I haven't heard of Yaktraks, but it does sound like a great product.