Saturday, January 22, 2011


The Fiber Junkies begin their 2nd full year of determination to expand our knowledge by sharing our skills and learning together.

This post, as often happens when I report on the doings of our group.....will be dedicated to the work of one very active member. Nancy Bruce.....who is fearless in her quest to experiment and find easier and better ways to achieve results.

She recently took a lengthy workshop at the John C. Campbell Folk School. The focus was embossing/printing fabrics with designs using various methods. Nancy brought non-decrepit beret, a thrift sale find, that she dyed from its original plain color. Then it was dyed again to this wonderful rich eggplant color and now features a ginkgo leaf design.

The process involves using a resist.... wood blocks are clamped onto the beret before submerging it into boiling dye for (I think) about 30-45 mins. The block of wood 'resisted' the dye, allowing the design shape to remain visible.

She also worked with other fabrics and other mediums. This began life as a sleeve from a pink silk blouse..... I LOVE the results....

Nancy rolled the fabric around a chunk of petrified cactus....and tied with string (or rubber bands can be used)....whics acts as the resist for the dye.

Here she clamped a wood block leaf onto a piece of wool....the black outline comes from oil that the instructor uses on her clamps to keep them from rusting. Somehow it pooled around the shape.

Other designs Nancy created using different shapes and items as her resist......think of this as shibori dyeing.

And this final one......using some sort of bean/s trapped by rubber bands/string for the dyeing process.

More show and tell soon from the rest of the members.

But before I go......1. 2. 3. ------- GO PACKERS!!!!

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