Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today, (Thursday), we've traveled all the way to the end of the Parkway at Natchez.  We are staying at THE best Hampton Inn......really swell...again, being a hotel snob, I'm a happy camper.

The internet works like a here's some views of the incredible scenery we've seen so far.

This is just one of many water falls we hiked to while we traveled through Tennessee.  The river beds are mostly rock....therefore the water is crystal clear and the sound could lull anyone into a calm state.

When I said 'hike', I meant it.  Here's David as he's reached the top of one of the paths we hiked down....and of course then had to go back up!  We regretted not bringing our walking sticks on this hike....a mistake we didn't make in the future.  The rocks here must have been shale.....lots of broken layers that didn't provide good footing.  

Lewis Meriweather's burial site.....of the Lewis and Clark fame.  He died as a result of gunshot wounds......there is some suspicion it might have been self-inflected.

The mounds are in the background....not nearly as impressive in the photo as in person.  The splotches of red are crimson clover.  A plant that was totally unfamiliar to me.  It's seen along roadsides on the parkway and highways....from Alabama to Natchez.

From a distance this plant appears almost maroon, but up close it is definitely crimson.  To think we actively fought clover in our yard.  I wonder this variety would grow in the midwest?What a concept, plant and enjoy the color!

One of the many, many historical stops we visited along the parkway was this confederate grave site.  Frankly, it was pretty moving.  The 13 graves faced the actual trace trail, apparently to greet other soldiers to greet them as they passed.  These are replacement markers, sadly, vandals destroyed the originals.