Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So...back at the Barber Museum.....

This sure says it all!

And....around the track they came.....practically flying.  Riders have one knee down at the corners, I assume to keep them from falling over.  Tell me again....why is this a good idea to travel at such a high speed, protected only by leather and a helmet?

I caught 'the husband' looking longingly at this model.....he had one in the early 70's which was stolen from right behind our apartment building.  Of course it wasn't insured for theft...who thought of such things back then?

Not only does this Barber person collect motorcycle......but cars too....  Ya gotta admire the display talent!

No detail was overlooked.  Both the front and back wheels of each motorcycle, were perched on these itched stop guards.  Detailed signage was provided for every bike on display.

How about this for detail.....it's a decorative air value stem.

Racing on pavement is crazy enough......apparently ice is even more challenging!

How cute is this?  I found a nice place to rest my weary bones.