Monday, April 28, 2008


As a quilter, I'm always thrilled to learn about a new quilt museum.  I was surprised to learn about Barber Vintage Museum    Nope, sorry, it's not a quilt museum.  It's located in Birmingham, AL in a pristine 5 story building, set alongside (according to 'the husband') one of the best race tracks in the country.

The museum is home to a collection of over 1,500 motorcycles, plus vintage cars and lots of other related items.   Apparently, Mr. Barber is rich, really, really rich.....and has a lot of time on his hands.  His fortune came from the milk business.

Most of the visitors to the museum come via motorcycles, all parked out front.  Notice the few cars in the parking lot!   We heard numerous languages being spoken as we strolled the floors.  

You enter the museum and are instructed to take a glass elevator to the 5th floor to begin the tour.  Not all 1,500 motorcycles are on view.....though it seemed like it.  About 650 are displayed at any given time and they are EVERYWHERE!

Each bike has its own wooden display stand and detailed signs are provided.  This view was taken from the 5th floor, looking down to the 4th.

Did I say there were about 650 motorcycles displayed....and of course, even in a 5 story building, that requires creative displays.  This rack runs through all 5 floors in the open atrium.

More photos will follow.....again, I'm having a terrible time posting to thinks too many people are using it.  It's frustrating to spend an hour trying to post photos with no success as I did last night.  Back with more interesting visuals of this amazing museum shortly.