Monday, April 14, 2008


I guess all my crowing about how nice the weather was, caused Mother Nature to send a little reminder.....yup, she's in charge. 

The temperature dipped down to just below freezing last night, enough to allow a little dusting of snow to accumulate. 

This cold spell was predicted, and since it's expected to last through Monday night, we ('the husband') brought in all our plants.  Most are in our garage, but it's no real sacrifice giving up the laundry room too, because it smelled wonderful this morning!

As luck would have it, I'll escape some of the chill because I'm headed to Florida before the crack 0'dawn tomorrow.  I'll be presenting a lecture in the evening to the SW Florida Quilters Guild, followed by 2 days of workshops.  Next, the Naples Quilters Guild will host me for a few days before I head back home next Sunday.  With 4 classes, I'm sure to have examples to, I'll be talking to you again shortly.