Friday, April 11, 2008


My friend Dort is a quilter and in some respects....lives a pioneer life.  Her home was built in 1880, and of course many updates have been made since then.  She got an indoor bathroom in the late 1970's!  

They have some space heaters, but the main heat source comes from this wood stove.

After lunch on Dort's deck, we unveiled our show and tell.  Lynn (on the right) shared a quilt that will be selling at one of the venues she works with.

Dort has her own studio which is above her husband's work shop in a stand alone building.  It's compact and jammed with supplies.  She's working on a vest made from upholstery fabrics.

The next time I even 'think' about complaining that there's not enough room in my studio.....I'll bonk myself on my head.  Dort's manages to do the most amazing machine stitching in this small space!

Next, we took a hike to the end of her property, into a neighbor's acreage where we all gawked at a really, really old log cabin.  Note the draw spans between the door and stone steps....over an area which must have a small stream at times.  I wonder what the impact of that water must be on the cabin?  Look at the size of these logs....seriously, they are at least 16-20" wide.

Now, this is truly pioneer living.  I think I'd be forever constipated if this relic was in my world.

The property also had a fish pond....and of course we had to investigate.

Connie found this box turtle....after the photo was placed back where it was found.....headed in the same direction.  Apparently that's key....though none of us knew if this was folk lore or not.   

I'm finally settling in here.....experiencing different lifestyles and a new environment and best of all with new good friends.