Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We are now approaching the 2 year mark (at the end of June) of our move from the midwest, to southern living.....so 'the husband' and I decided it was about time that we get 'out and about' and explore.

We are spending the next week traveling the Natchez Trace Trail.  It's sometimes referred to as the first super highway....colonial style.  It runs about 400 miles from south of Nashville, TN, thru AL, and into Mississippi.  Similar to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the speed limit is a slow 40 mph....all the better to see the scenery.

We've only made it to Columbia, TN, after leaving our house at about 9:00 AM....no rush as we walk the many trails and visit the historial sites along the trace.  

The trace (or trail) is now a paved roadway, but several sections of the original trail are still available for hiking and horses.  I can't imagine the hardship as travelers made their way, generally on foot in years past.  

The dogwoods are in bloom everywhere......so beautiful.  The landscape is diverse, from low mountains, rolling hills, to lush valleys.

These charming fences are found frequently along the roadways.

Oh....and the red buds......they are in full bloom too!!

As some of you may know.....I'm a bit of a hotel snob.  In these more remote areas, there aren't lots of options.  We'll be seeking reservations at Hampton Inns along the way, one chain that is generally reliable for its cleanliness and comfort.  Tonight's stay is in Columbia, TN.  Because I'm a frequent sleeper at this Hilton chain, we apparently got upgraded......refrig., microwave, and whirlpool tub.

Though I've stayed a many, many hotels, I've NEVER seen anything like this.  The tub is accessed through an opening in the wall next to the king size bed.  Seriously.....this is so weird. It's like they cut out a hole in the wall and stuck in a tub.

The shower is in a separate room, (along with the commode and sink).....but look at the size of this shower......it's tiny.  Literally it's like an upright coffin....smaller than any shower I've seen on a cruise ship.

Travel is always so full of surprises......I'll be keeping my eyes open and will report other discoveries as our adventures continue tomorrow.