Saturday, April 19, 2008


WOW!!!  I've now moved (hummmm North or South from Fort Myers.....being directionally challenged, who knows where I am) to visit with the Naples Quilt Guild.  Today was my second day of workshops here.  Again, Florida quilters have awed me with their creativity. What do they have for breakfast?

There is no question, the allure of working with felted wool is growing rapidly....yup even in Florida.  No worries, these projects are wall hangings, so climate doesn't matter.  The focus of my class is embellishing felted wool collage designs.  Despite my best efforts, not all the photos I took today turned out (sorry girlfriends!) ......however, the following is a sampling of the fantastic creativity students displayed in class.  I hope the projects inspire you too!

I'm heading back to our mountain life in Crabtree, NC early tomorrow......lights out....nite, nite