Saturday, October 17, 2020


After a social distancing local car club drive for breakfast to Hot Springs, NC, we headed off with friends for a hike.

Lovers Leap Loop trail is a semi challenging hike along the French Broad River which is adjacent to the famous Appalachian Trail in the Pisgah National Forest.  Beautiful views along the way but you MUST watch where you are walking.  Lots of tree roots and rocks to trip over. I'm happy I brought my walking stick....some of the steps were very steep.  You slowly gain about 500 ft. elevation and according to literature, it can be hiked in about an hour.  Make that nearly twice a long with slippery leaves and a 5-10 min. walk to where cars can park.

Spectacular fall day here in the's some photos of our journey.

Selfie taken of Dianne, David S. & Mary S. by David A.  - Note the Appalachian Trail white blaze marker.


Nancy said...

Such views! Worth the slipping and tripping. You're looking good, Mary.

Robbie said...

I bet it was WONDERFUL to get away and be outside and with friends! So glad you got that trip in!!!!