Friday, September 29, 2017


Twice a year my pal Judy and I have had the good fortune to spend a few days with our very good friend Kate at her place on Folly Beach.
It's common knowledge that I'm definitely the most directionally challenged person in the universe.....but wait....Judy Simmons is another one. Honestly, no matter where we go together....even if we've been there numerous times before....we always, and I mean always take a wrong turn.  Every trip from Asheville to Folly Beach, unless Kate is in the car with us....we miss the turn off to go over the bridge to Folly.....and we are always flabbergasted that we missed it.  This time we didn't.....and it's documented here. 

 BUT.....that didn't mean our trip was flawless, oh heck no! From Asheville to Charleston, it's basically a straight shot south on I26.  Alas.....somehow we ended up going West on I95...toward Savannah.  Seriously!!  No one can make this up. If there is a choice of roads encountered while driving....whatever I should ALWAYS do the exact opposite. Why I even express an opinion is a mystery since I'm rarely correct. But since Judy is no better, well....our outings are always good for laughs and logging unnecessary miles backtracking.  And before I go onto to another subject......I should confess.....we found ourselves going South when we should have gone we were driving home.  Totally true!
This is the view from Kate's deck.....what's not to love....unfortunately she still has a lot of debris left in the marsh from the recent hurricane.
Since we dyed fabric non-stop for 3 days, there's a lot to report....therefore I'll be sharing our results in several posts.  

So....what the heck is this??  Each of us (unplanned) dyed a garment.  My idea was to first dye the long sleeved white t-shirt in iron water and then over dye in indigo.  Instead of a pretty rust color I got a drab pewter/brownish.....still have NO idea how that happened.  
But after removing all the rubber bands, I dipped it in our indigo pot and here it is drying....actually it's really not too bad, though not what I was aiming for.
Here's Judy's....she had previously rusted her t-shirt and brought it to indigo dye.....lovely isn't it?!
Kate got into the act by accordion pleating a lightweight cotton cardigan.
A larger than desired white area remained on the back so she used a foam brush to transfer a bit more indigo dye onto it.  Clever girl!!
I also brought along a very faded and stained pair of shorts to over-dye.
Now I have like new indigo shorts....or will when they are dry.
We divvy up the meal responsibilities...and we eat well....This was lunch prepared by Judy.....peppers/tomatoes from her large garden, along with chicken and shrimp salad.
We all just love how the fading sun plays on the marsh grass as seen from Kate's dock.
The day ends.....we are happy, pooped, and have blue fingers.

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Linda M said...

Oh my, what a beautiful place to play!

Angela said...

Taking wrong turns with friends is usually good for a giggle.

Norma Schlager said...

I have a terrible sense of direction and my sister (my frequent travel companion) is worse, so I totally understand. It looks like you had a great time and it was well worth the aggravation getting there.

Kathy said...

With those wonderful navigation skills, every trip can be a great adventure! We always try to start off with a full tank of gas for that very reason!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

My husband has yet to understand why telling me to turn west here or south there sends me into fury mode. Why, oh why, can't he give directions like a girl... Turn right exiting the driveway, go past the white house with red shutters and stunning wisteria and take your second left... One things is for sure, you are never lost when it comes to revitalizing your work, be it a vessel or an old pair of shorts.

The Inside Stori said...

Oh Gwyned....what a very kind thing to say.....thank you..... AND yes, yes......the gas station on the corner, school on the left.....that's exactly what I need. Even the GPS makes little sense....what? Turn in 1000 feet.....what the heck is 1000 feet? Especially when there are several options where one could turn coming up!!

Robbie said...

I'm a little behind reading blogs but so glad I got to yours! What fun you have...I have to say you and judy get misdirected (how's that for a nice word!) because you're both chatting and enjoying each others company! Ask me how I know this! Happens to me with my BFF and would happen ALWAYS when I would drive with a co-worker to see our customer....she and I had so much in it's a good thing!!!

Windy Hill Happenings said...

Mary, I think it's become a tradition for us getting lost...a trip wouldn't be the same or as funny without our misadventures...

The Inside Stori said...

Misdirected....that's a good way of explaining our directional issues. Tx's for the new definition, you can be sure it we'll need that word soon. Actually we never got really lost.....we just go out of our way because we find ourselves in need of having to double back!

Sherrie Spangler said...

A friend and I once left Rockford, IL, to go to Milwaukee (north). After awhile one of us said, "This doesn't look like Wisconsin" and we realized we were in the Chicago suburbs! I have ZERO sense of direction.

The Inside Stori said...

Oh Sherrie......I totally get the confusion.....these areas aren't all that different......flat with lots of traffic!