Thursday, September 21, 2017


Even though I took a zillion photos, I totally missed items created by both Judy and time I'll do better because both will inspire you!

As the months ticked by this summer, instead of selecting one specific technique to explore as we've always done, each of us sort of did our own thing with all the options made available to us by the saintly Val and Skip....and I don't say that lightly!!

Here's what Gen played with.
 She's came all set to gelli print.....only....oops she forgot her gelli plate.  Well...not surprising....Val came to the rescue and lent Gen hers!
 There's a lot of info on the internet about gelli printing, so there's no need to provide a complete tutorial here....just an overview.  Gen used a brayer to apply acrylic paint to the gelli plate.  Then she arranged some paper cutouts to act as resists.
 She's now pressing a piece of sandwich paper over the composition.
 Ta Da!! (And isn't she just the cutest?  I've said this over and over....we all want to be like Gen when we grow up...she excels at everything!)
 Now she's taken those resists and placed them onto a page torn from an old tattered book.
 Again...Ta Da!
 Here she's printing with sections cut from tissue paper garment patterns!
 She also dabbled with eco-dyeing too.....printing foliage onto one side of a map.
Interestingly this page from a National Geographic magazine didn't print at all.  They are known for their unusual yet quality paper.

Come back again when I'll share what Kate did.

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Robbie said...

Always enjoy seeing what you do at your monthly get-togethers!!! Love Gen's work!!