Saturday, September 23, 2017


In conclusion......this is how I spent my time....followed by Val's eco-dyed paper masterpieces!
 Of course I forgot to take a before photo.....this hunk of previously ice-dyed bamboo/rayon felt actually wasn't ugly....just sort of, well....not remarkable.
 After a dip in the indigo-dye pot.  Nice right?!?
 I needed to add to my inventory of image enhanced fabric for the fold-manipulated felt baskets I make for our space at Woolworth Walk. This piece of National Nonwoven Woolfelt is being printed with circles created with acrylic paint from the edge of a small plastic cup.
 The result.
 As is always the case with every Fiber Junkie.....WE SHARE.  This is a stamp that Gen carved....which she allowed me to use for the very first time!
 The result.
A small foam star stamp is being used to add elements to another piece of Woolfelt.
 Look at these last three photos.......gorgeous eco-dyed images on paper made by Val.

Next month we move back inside and we plan to do gelli-printing.  


Kathy said...

Too much fun! What a great time with great toys!

Robbie said...

Love, love, love!

The Idaho Beauty said...

My oh my! Love your circles and how you used that stamp to create the illusion of weaving. And yes, Val's eco-dyes are fab!