Monday, October 2, 2017


......We really did indigo dye everything we could get our hands on during our Folly Beach play time....including our hands!
Kate brought some cotton advertising bags...
Which were indigo dyed and over-dyed in an iron/water bath.
 Here's a vintage piece of lace drying...I wanted to see how it would take the indigo dye.
We used various items as resists. Remember when we wore these to bed??  Of course some of you may not be old enough!
 Here is the the pattern it achieved.
Clamps are so useful....this piece of white cotton was accordion folded.
.....And the result.
 Not wanting to waste a minute....while items were being processed, we prepared lots of 'packages' for dyeing in either the indigo bath or iron/vinegar bath.
I think this was Kate's.....the design was achieved by encasing screws with string or rubber bands and dyeing in indigo.
 This is in-progress photo of one of my wool pieces being readied with fingers of wool gathered and secured with rubber bands.
 .....And the result after dyeing.

We've three have all dyed with indigo before, but for some reason each of us was truly smitten with the process during our 3 days of fun.  (It must be the immediate gratification.)

Stay tuned for more......

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Robbie said...

Love all the indigo pieces!!! Having too much fun aren't you!!!!