Tuesday, September 26, 2017


We had a super busy PTA gathering this month at Janice's house....first show and tell......
 Kate had her long arm humming lately.....she quilted this lap quilt made from plaids (samples I had from my teaching days).
 She has a real affinity for combing fabric prints and quilt patterns.  Too bad my photography is so poor.....the room we were in was fairly dim.  Squint and you can make out the terrific quilting motif she selected....on her newly upgraded computer assisted long arm. 
 Here's another where you can see the prints but not the quilting....sigh...
 This was my favorite....warm, rich colors, unusual setting and oh my...look what she did with her free hand quilting skills....see below...

 Dort has been working on a special request quilt for a family member.....the subject matter focuses on natural disasters.  I didn't hear the back story but perhaps this person works in the recovery or some kind of assistance program. 
Left - earthquake   Right - drought.
 Left - tsunami   Right - forest fire
 Here Georgia Bonesteel is showing the class project for her annual quilt retreat at the Nine Quarter Circle Bar Ranch in Montana.
 Students were encouraged to make a cowboy boot block for an exchange....Georgia's is the top right.
 She partners up with Charlotte Warr Anderson who designs and teaches the most amazing realistic applique quilts.  This is just a sample of the massive handouts her students received.
Georgia took Charlotte's class this year.  Unfortunately she didn't have a photo of the finished quilt which is a duplication of a photo of a scene near the ranch. Here the background is completed with a plastic placement overlay depicting a zillion little detail pieces.  Can't wait to see it finished.
 Georgia and Gen have a space at Curb Market in Hendersonville, NC with lots of their work on display.  Georgia has been creating small matted landscapes that visitors appear to be snapping up!
Barbara is modeling a scarf that Janice made.....many of our 14 members knit as well as quilt.  Janice was kept too busy ringing the bell to keep us on track during show and tell that this was the only item she was able to share!!

More tomorrow.......

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Robbie said...

Always so enjoyable to see a 'show and tell' and not leave the couch!!! Yea ladies..all did a great job!! I took Charlotte's class several years ago...made a Bichon quilt for hubby for Christmas. Really turned out good...I thought! HA