Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I've labeled this post 'part 1'.....knowing that given our busy Sept. Fiber Junkies meeting......I could just about write a part 2 will not be far behind.

We had a very historical moment......we've bestowed an honorary Fiber Junkie membership to Val's husband, Skip.  We are so very, very fortunate to meet at their home from late spring to early fall....where we take over her garage studio and outdoor space PLUS their home!  Both Val and Skip spend hours (we are sure it takes hours) to have everything set up for our arrival.....including a table for each of us!  

Most of what we do is wet work so there's a lot of preparation: silk screen supplies, MX dyes, indigo dye pot, vinegar/water cooking station, all the necessary tools like clamps, rusted items, even fresh eucalyptus!!  AND.....they put all this stuff away and store it for the next time.  Seriously we totally appreciate their generosity and loving spirits.

I thought this homage to both Val and Skip deserved it's very own post.
Thanks to Denny for creating this wonderful certificate!


Kathy said...

Sound like awesome people!

The Inside Stori said...

So true Kathy.....every person in Fiber Junkies can be labeled Awesome!!

Robbie said...

What a nice gesture!!!! And it does take hours to set up and take down the mess/supplies/etc. Again, nice!!!!