Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Given the cost of our fiber materials, it's always so satisfying to come up with ideas to utilize as much as possible.
The bits and pieces of the mono-printed Woolfelt that remained after making numerous covered boxes were like an itch that needed to be scratched. They needed attention!  So, they were cut into a variety of shapes, backed with card stock, and will be used as gift tags.  YEAH!!!

UPDATE:   I'm always surprised  at the interest you readers exhibit!  So because I've already had two questions about this little project let me explain further.  The small left-over pieces of painted felted wool were glued to cardstock with Scotch Super 77.  

It WAS MESSY due to the need to handle all the pre-cut small pieces. They were placed upside down in a shallow cardboard box, sprayed and then at first using my fingers but later I tried a tweezers which was too difficult to manage, turned them right side up onto cardstock.  I covered that with a piece of plastic (grocery store type) and pressed down firmly to provide a good bond.  It was allowed to sit for several hours before cutting away the excess cardstock.

I'm not a fan of spray adhesives for many reasons but my experience has taught me that neither Wonder-Under nor some of the liquid glues would bond well enough to stay secure for any length of time.  The porous nature of the woolfelt can be an issue when bonding.

Also, after spraying my first batch, I placed a sheet of tissue paper in the bottom of the cardboard box to cover the sticky residue before positioning more felt pieces.  Do that each time you spray otherwise glue will remain on the front of the mono-printed fabric. A box used help contain the overspray!
A large-eye sharp crewel needle worked well to attach strings to the gift tags.
Here's my pile of completed tags.....  Hope this provides you with the info necessary to create your own boxes or tags.


Kathy said...

Good idea! What did you use to attach them to the cardstock? Iron-on fusible, glue? Didn't look like sewing, though that might be fun, too!

The Inside Stori said...

Mary here......to answer Kathy's question. I used Scotch Super 77 spray adhesive. It was messy....in part because I was working with precut small pieces. Often the nozzle sprayed globs instead of a nice even spray which had a tendency to stain the cardstock a little bit. On those pieces I will probably use some pale thinned paint to cover it up.

margaret said...

what a good way of using these scraps maybe will get a can of spray to have in for projects

Robbie said...

So clever and so cute!!! Just like you!