Monday, July 18, 2016


My internet pal, Robbie Payne shared a BIG box of wood chips that she's been using in her eco-dyeing experiments.  Learn about her results on her blog...but continue reading to enjoy the talent she displays, no matter what the construction style she chooses! 
 When Robbie generously offered to share some of her stash with me, little did I dream the gift would be so vast.
The containers hold wood chips from many sources, such as Bolivian Rosewood, Sumac, Sassafras, Sourwood.  I can not WAIT to get some fabric (rolled with leaves and flowers) steeping.  I'll report back when I get this going.  A huge thank you Robbie!! 


Robbie said...

You are quite welcome! Actually, I had a 'method to my madness'....I'll let you experiment and document what works and what doesn't work! HA Enjoy!

Quilt Rat said...

Cool! What fun....Robbie gives us textile art bloggers a GOOD name! Love it...Thanks Robbie!

margaret said...

have fun hope to see the fabrics soon and how they react to the various wood shavings