Sunday, July 3, 2016


Besides spending creative time together at our Fiber Junkies meetings, all 6 members are constantly producing new work.  We share our work to inspire, get feedback, and general brain storming each time we gather.
Judy brought several 3-d mounted pieces this month.  Each features techniques such as photo transfer & screen printing.
Besides trees, her favorite subject is leaves.....not surprising when you see her masterful use of color, design, and texture.
Every detail is considered, she even incorporates 'back art'.

Gen has kept her sewing machine purring as she continues on her piecing marathon.  Careful use of scraps make for such happy quilt tops.

Denny's denim/scrap backing of her quilt made us all smile.
Yikes.....correct me girlfriends....was this Kate's or another one of Gen's??  How great is it that our show and tell is so expansive that recall is difficult once I get home! (Or how bad is it that my memory is so poor?) 
Above and below - Perfect for that 'off to college" gift.


Kathy said...

Your group is so prolific, talented and inspiring. I look forward to seeing your posts...every month is a visual treat. Thanks!

The Inside Stori said...

Thank you for the very kind comment's wonderful to hear our fun is shared by others!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh my - Judy's masterful leaf quilts stole my heart!

margaret said...

such variety from the girls in the group especially loving the leaves projects

Windy Hill Happenings said...

That beautiful happy quilt was kates....remember she made it at retreat...we were loving it.....