Friday, July 15, 2016


I need to update and revamp my online gallery shop to reflect the recent sales from the NC Arboretum exhibit.  So before beginning, I decided it was a great time to have a FLASH SALE!!!!  The Arboretum is a wonderful place to display quilts yet their hanging system makes it very difficult to hang mounted pieces.  An issue I'll keep in mind for our 2018 show and a happy one for any of you who've been eyeing one of my embellished mounted pieces.  All gallery wrapped pieces are finished on the back with cloth and fitted with hanging devices. Other specifics are posted below.  Click on the photo to enlarge your view.

All prices include free shipping in the US.  If interested, email me (link on right side bar).  I can bill you via Paypal or will accept a check. Don't hestitate to contact me if you have any questions.  This offer is good until July 18th - noon Est  
                         FOCUS ON NATURE 14" X 11"   © 2016
Deconstructed screen printed images on silk noil, bead embellished, hand embroidered. Mounted on canvas covered fabric backed frame with a hanging device.

*Note - the beads around the agate appear reddish, however the color more closely matches the pale orange dyed scrim. 

 MAPLE LEAF - 9 x 12" © 2015 
 Artist hand-dyed, shibori printed, ice-microwave dyed, & mono printed wool featuring bead embroidery.  It's mounted on a canvas covered frame, fabric backed with a hanging device.

THE COLOR OF FALL - 12" X 9" © 2015
 Artist shibori printed, ice-microwave dyed, & mono-printed wool, machine needle lace embroidered leaves. Mounted on a canvas covered frame, fabric backed with hanging device.
INDIGO BLUE - 10" X 8" © 2015
 Artist indigo dyed linen, printed with natural foliage, bead embellished agate, and hand embroidered.  Mounted on a canvas covered frame, fabric backed with hanging device.

ELEMENTS #2 -  8" X 10" © 2015
Artist ice-dyed silk noil, hand embroidered, bead embellished. 
Gallery wrapped/cradled wood frame.  
Back view.  All my framed pieces are finished on the back.
PURPLE AGATE  10" X 8" © 2014
Artist marbled cotton, hand embroidered, bead embellished, featuring a beautiful purple agate. Gallery wrapped on canvas frame, ready to hang.
AGATE INSPIRED  8" X 8" © 2014
Marbled cotton by the artist, hand embroidered, agate and bead embellished. Gallery wrapped canvas.
LIGHTNING AT SUN SET  8" X 8" © 2014
Artist deconstructed screen printed wool, hand embroidered, bead embellished, featuring a laser cut metal motif.  Gallery wrapped on cradled wood frame.
Though I work in many different styles, I'm especially drawn to simple, clean, minimal designs.....featuring a focal element which is quite visible. It draws the viewer in for a closer look where other details keep their interest. 
                     WAVELENGTH    10" w  X 8" h   ©2014
Artist ice-dyed wool, machine stitched, hand embroidered, and bead embellished.  Gallery wrapped on wood frame.

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Shannon said...

I love the colors and beading on your maple leaf! So pretty and shimmery!

margaret said...

best of luck with your sales

Robbie said...

From time to time, I go to your gallery/sale page just to look at your work. This was nice I could see lots of pieces and not leave your blog! HA

Julie said...

The color patterning on the maple leaf is extraordinary. It made me pause to really see how you'd worked it. Just beautiful!