Tuesday, April 5, 2016


My twin sister and I learned we were identical twins, not fraternal as we were always led to believe, based on the DNA testing done prior to her bone marrow transplant, of which I was the donor.  Really, we simply couldn't believe it!!  We looked quite similar but not identical.

As I take a closer look at old photos, it's such a surprise to see just how often we were dressed alike! And what a goof I was.....my sister quietly on the right as I clowned on the left.

Birthdays aren't the same without you Nancy.......
Mary Theobald Stori           Nancy Theobald Willmas  

Mary Theobald Stori       Nancy Theobald Willmas  

Chuck Theobald (center)          


Kelly said...

Hi Mouse -- Happy birthday!

I'm pretty sure that's you on the right and Nancy on the left. But then again, you said you weren't identical! Hope you're getting some rest.


The Inside Stori said...

No, no....it''s def. me on the left......but then again ....who knows!?!?

The Idaho Beauty said...

:-) and :-(

That's what memories are made of. Gentle birthday greetings - enjoy your day and your memories.

margaret said...

happy birthday so sad your sister is no longer with you to celebrate, same hair style as I had!!

Robbie said...

Such a sweet post.....and interesting about being identical vs fraternal!