Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The quilts are hung but there was still much to be accomplished.
 Our signage has to be placed next to each quilt.  The Arboretum insists on a specific height for each sign.....so it's necessary to take the time to measure.
 The wire display system can be quite unmanageable when hanging pieces one above the other.....but we are a good team and got it done.  The ends of each wire will be coiled and hidden behind the quilts.
We ran out of wire hangers....as has happened in the past.  I've had good luck at home using 3-M Command Clips to hang my small mounted work.  They weren't keen about using them at first, but once we pointed out that it wasn't any more harmful than using adhesive dots for the signage....they agreed.  AND....don't the 4 pieces on the right look so much better without the distracting wires?
As I said, we attempt to compose a cohesive display......with no attempt to segregate our work individually.  However, as it happened these three pieces are mine.
Kate often works in a color palette that reflects her love of the Folly Beach, SC area. Her "Century Plant" piece is one of my favorites!  We chose three of my mounted pieces, featuring beadwork and agates to be displayed next to Kate's  quilt.
We are off to a good start.....my piece was purchased the very next day, before the actual opening of the show!  And......two more sold over the weekend....one of Judy's and one of Kate's.  A portion of all sales benefit the Arboretum.


margaret said...

some lovely pieces you have shared hope to see more tomorrow please. The show has a most professional look to it well done you ladies so wish I old see it in teal life

Linda M said...

These look wonderful. I agree that hanging the show is the hard part, I don't think most people have any idea how much work it is. Hope you all have many more sales.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Aren't those 3-M products great? I introduced them to POAC as they have the one venue, Columbia Bank, that has the wire set-up and said no no no to using pins or nails in their walls. But there are spaces where there are no wire hanging apparatus and I'd discovered that my 1/4" dowels would slip nicely into the 3M Command hooks and had been using them at home. They look on in awe as I hung my dozen or so quilts and started using them on subsequent fiber exhibits.

Great looking exhibit and am so happy to hear you have had so many sales among the 3 of you. You all deserve it!