Tuesday, April 19, 2016


We've now lived in NC, 1 month shy of 10 years.  And for all of the 10 years, each spring I unsuccessfully search to buy fresh rhubarb. That is still so stunning to me...having trouble finding rhubarb!!  Because in Wisconsin, every other neighbor at this time of the year is trying to give theirs away.
 This is a food item that folks either love or hate....I'm in the LOVE category.  AND finally, there it was at our local grocery store.  Now that was a huge shock, especially since I feel this chain has the worst quality produce ever.
 Within 43 minutes of getting home from the store....a favorite rhubarb muffin recipe was made and ready for the oven.
Within an hour 15 mins. of getting home from the store.......I'd already enjoyed a freshly baked muffin.  I REALLY wanted to make a rhubarb pie.....but 'the husband' is in the 'hate' category....which meant I'd end up eating the entire pie myself.  After 3 weeks of laying around with a pesky virus, I decided to make individual muffins which can be frozen and parceled out to enjoy.


The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm a rhubarb lover. Mom used to send me over to a patch of it behind a house that had burned down to gather enough for a pie. She'd been good friends with those people and knew they would WANT her taking advantage of all the fresh rhubarb. She made a cobbler served with cream that I have never been able to duplicate.

So it kills me too to have to search for it in the stores come this time of year. I generally treat myself to one pie a year, even though it is just me. It substitutes for what I normally have for lunch, day after day until it is all gone. Or sometimes I just kinda pick at a piece all day. I figure, one a year I can binge on pie, calories be damned!

margaret said...

Good that you finally found rhubarb, I live in an area known as the rhubarb circle, loads is grown here both in fields and forced in sheds where you can actually hear it grow. Unfortunately mine died in the garden must get another root as I too love it

Linda M said...

We have one plant and so far this spring I've made four loaves of rhubarb bread, three cups of rhubarb sauce for ice cream and given away several handfuls. I was looking at it this morning wondering what to make next.