Saturday, April 2, 2016


The weather for our first day was picture perfect....not quite so the following day.
Since I was beginning to feel punk, knowing now it wasn't allergies....I spent a lot of time out of the cold and wind in the storage/mechanical closet which was more like a small room.  Here I'm measuring/mixing small amounts of dyes.
Inexpensive plastic storage tubs (lightly covered with plastic wrap) work great for microwave dyeing. A variety of fabrics were noil, National Nonwoven's Woolfelt, and commercial cotton prints.  I did very little using commercial white PFD fabric.
This particular piece of fabric from my stash had been auditioned a dozen time for various projects and the color was just never right. why not over-dye it?!?
I was thrilled with the result....just enough interesting color/texture was retained after it was dyed with Acqua Marine.
We make a good team....each is responsible for specific meals....this was our lunch ala Judy.  Chicken salad, egg salad, shrimp salad, along with olive topped cream cheese filled celery sticks on a bed of mixed greens. Displayed here on some of our dyed fabrics.
Unmasked.....Kate (left) and Judy (right) are bundled up as we enjoyed Kate's dock........
Just in time for this lovely sunset.....

Stay tuned for Part 3.


Mysterymar said...

Such fun! Great results.

margaret said...

lovely dyed fabrics do hope you and DH are feeling better now

Nancy said...

The meals and view are icing on the fiber fun cake!