Monday, April 18, 2016

PTA - April Meeting

It was nearly a full house at Judy's for our April PTA (Professional Textile Artists) meeting.  Show and Tell was fairly active this month, though I have few photos to share as it was difficult to get quality photos of every one's work.
I love this little colorful piece Kate made.  It's cleverly mounted on a cloth covered frame to provide a greater impact.
Cathy is the only one of us with underage children still living at home.  We all got a hoot with her description about how long these blue and yellow patches were on her design wall......years, and years, and year.  
Mary Berry brought a stunning piece.  This Baltimore Album quilt was hand appliqued and hand just don't see hand work like this anymore.
After lunch, the group got busy tackling the 12 community quilt kits that Kate, Judy, and I made at one of our Fiber Junkies meetings. Usually the FJ's experiment with surface design and dyeing methods, but for a time this winter there were only 3 of us, so our time was spent culling our stash!

We had 3 machines, two iron stations, and lots and lots of loud chatter, laughter, and general enthusiasm.  Judy has a gigantic studio with lots of light.....which allowed for all this muti-tasking.
As patches were stitched, those not sewing or pressing spent time arranging them into blocks and ultimately when each block was totally pieced.....
........they went on Judy's huge design wall.  Each was checked for correct orientation, color placement, and then the rows were labeled and pinned together.

Here Georgia Bonesteel is claiming space for the quilt she had been working on.......
You simply can not believe how our generally very 'unmatchy - matchy' prints actually blended so well together.
From years and years of hosting my quilting cruises.....the majority being in the Caribbean.....I had tons of theme based fabrics to share.  Many are in this quilt but you'd have to look really close to pick one out from a distance.
This precious pastel quilt is still waiting for one more block.

All the quilts will be donated to the guild for their community quilt program.  We  PTAer's make a great team!!


Windy Hill Happenings said...

We do make a great team!!

Robbie said...

To use above comment...yes you do make a great team...I am still in love with the Baltimore quilt! My love of handwork appreciates this SO much!

margaret said...

such creativity what really caught my eye was the beautiful baltimore quilt

The Idaho Beauty said...

I recognize many of those Baltimore blocks. I was in a group back in WI that worked our way through Elly's book. My blocks are still in a bin in the closet, partly because I wanted to make a few more before setting them in a quilt. Now I don't do much hand applique, at least not on the level I got to while working through Elly's book. But I know for sure, if they ever do make their way into a top, it will HAVE to be hand quilted. I've never seen one of these machine quilted in a way that didn't seem to take away from these classic designs. And so, I'm thinking my blocks will be one of those things that relatives find after I'm gone, marvel over not knowing I was very much into this sort of thing at one time, and not be sure what to do with. Major Kudos to Mary B. on her accomplishment!