Tuesday, April 12, 2016


You all probably know that I'm a huge fan of National Nonwovens Woolfelt.  A new collection, "Once Upon A Woolfelt Collection" will premier at spring market. To learn about all their Woolfelt colorways and to place orders click here.

 Here's a sneak preview.  It's 35% wool - 65% rayon.  
I'm a sucker for their 'heather' collections...and with new colors such as 'Pixie Pink' and 'Leaping Lizards'......I can't wait to dig into this packet!!


margaret said...

what mouthwatering colours. There seems to be a lot of wool applique being done at the moment, is it felt they use or proper wool, I have quite a few felt pieces but no wool fabric and do not see wool fabric suitable in the shops around here

The Inside Stori said...

To answer Margaret's question......it seems I was not only way ahead of the curve/trends years and years ago when I took to beading my quilts......I also started working with wool and felted wool in early 1998 and wrote a book for C & T about it, published in 1999!

But to answer the question, before I began making my own wet felted pieces (using wool roving by hand), I exclusively used National Nonwoven's Woolfelt. It's available in several styles.....with percentages of rayon mixed with the wool, and also 100% wool which is quite costly. However, this material does not fray....comes in a big variety of colors and is a dream to hand or machine sew.

I have created wool felt using old sweaters which usually come out way too thick to work with. Old clothing; women's or men's suits, dresses, coats etc. generally do not felt well. The quality of the material is too fine to fully felt...it may shrink but most often the edges still fray.

There are lots of 'wool hand-dyed' fabrics available online and carried by vendors at shows. They look lovely, but I've still not come across one where the edges are totally secure....again it's because most woven wool is made from finer and more fully processed wool. Many folks that are making wool pieces now use this type of material...but I haven't seen too many who can master making the edges look tidy. Yup, I'm a stickler for quality construction. Hope this helps!

Windy Hill Happenings said...

Such luscious colors....I'm sure you'll make something wonderful with them....