Monday, April 4, 2016


As I mentioned, much of what I dyed was not solid white commercial PFD fabric.
I wish I'd have retained a 'before' photo of this failed ice-dyed piece. The Marimekko print began life as a garment bag, used for one of my Fairfield Fashion Show Garments....way back when.

The decision to over-dye seemed wise. Unfortunately, these results weren't to my liking either.  Gulp, the piece was supposed to be put in the green/blue ice-dye pan....but instead it ended in the jewel tone one. Yuck!
Fiber Junkie member Denny gifted us boxes of Twice Fresh....a powdered chlorine bleach. I randomly sprinkled it onto the very damp fabric and rolled it up.  It sat in the sun for 4 or 5 hours.
As as often happens.....fabric backs can surprise and become the favorite. See how the bleach provided little sparks on the fabric?  (left-back  right-front)
The last day is always such a rush as we process the final pans that batched overnight; rinsing, washing, but no time for line drying given the nearly 6 hour drive home. Naturally, there's a lot of other clean up involved as you dyers know well.  

So when I arrived home early that evening, I hung the still damp pieces on my antique drying rack.  I'd over-dyed a lot of wool and prefer to line dry them.
Kate spotted a brand new designer sheet at a thrift sale for $1.00.......which she shared with us.  Is this not amazing?!?
She also gave me some silk stash is depleted so I was thrilled.....and even happier after seeing these results.  It was dyed using our new window screen method.
This is a vintage linen table runner.....cut in half and ice-dyed using different colors.
I also dyed numerous pieces of gauze.  This one was initially ice-dyed but hadn't been properly arranged, leaving big areas undyed.  So, it was redyed in the microwave using some liquid mixed dyes.  

It's so much fun up-cycling fabrics that may not otherwise have had a purpose.  I'm already thinking ahead to our next adventure and will be digging in my stash with a very critical eye.


Robbie said...

I really like the results you got and the vintage linen pieces are wonderful! What fun you have!!

margaret said...

you have some wonderful dyed pieces here plenty to keep you going, must check out the bleach powder not heard of that before. Trust you and hubby are feeling a lot better now

The Idaho Beauty said...

This is what I need to do - assessed what bits of overdyeable & upcyclable fabric I have on hand & use up some of the old dye powders gifted to me by two dear friends. Honestly, how much longer do I need to wait to follow up on an urge to toss a sickly yellow damask tablecloth that was used at my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary into the dye pot?