Thursday, June 18, 2015


Two pals have been expressing interest in learning some beading techniques. What a lovely way to spend the day....
 Don't they look studious!
 We concentrated on the even count peyote stitch...used to attach objects such as mirrors, cabochons, and agate slices.
They both got "A's" for their diligent work!
Here's an agate slice incorporated into a wall piece, using this method.  It's fun to find slices with holes.....providing an opportunity to add some fringes.  You can view the entire piece in my blog shop.


Nancy said...

That's a very functional and pretty stitch- they did a good job.

margaret said...

yes very studious, I personally finding beading a bit fiddly for my clumsy big hands but do use it on crazy work sometimes

Robbie said...

I envy your 'buds' getting one on one instruction!!! How nice!!!