Monday, June 22, 2015


Eco-print dyeing has been on my "goals" list for several years.  Not having any luck finding a hands on workshop locally, AND, being a DIY kinda gal......I decided there's no time like the present to start experimenting.

I've read everything I could find online.....lots of fabulous results but not many reveal step by steps fully.  I suspect, like so many dyeing methods, there's more than one way to achieve results.
I've previously rusted fabric but never made an iron solution to be used to soak or steam foliage printed fabrics.  Using some rusty bed springs my pal Kate shared with me several years ago....I added 1 part vinegar to two parts water.
 Covered the bucket and let sit outside in our unusually warm weather for nearly 2 weeks.  OH MY's developed a deep frothy foam blossom.....

I removed the bed springs and tried to work the foam back into the liquid to avoid losing any of those goodies.  With a funnel placed into an empty milk container, I carefully transferred the iron solution from the bucket.

I talked two friends into experimenting eco-print dyeing with me.  I'll keep a photo record and report back in a few days.


Robbie said...

I have India Flint's book, which you may have at a library near you?? I also have containers of different wood pieces that a weaver in Florida gave me. Her husband dyes all her yarns for her and produced BEAUTIFUL yarns! I did dye using some of the wood and made them a small table topper. I should get back into using the wood pieces. Beautiful violets, yellow colors from the wood. If you want, I'd be more than happy to send you some of the pieces. The containers are all marked so I know what I'd be sending you! HA Let me know!

margaret said...

this looks interesting not sure I like the look of the foam though