Tuesday, June 16, 2015


FIRST  - VENTING.....my nearly 8 year old computer (which worked just fine I might add), had to be replaced due to technological obsolescence.  My browser was too old and my equipment could not be upgraded to a newer version anymore......which infuriates me.  So I've spent the last 4 days, swearing, cussing, banging my head while trying to migrate the old with the new.....you know the drill....you've probably gone through it yourself.  Why oh why do they have to change things??  I LIKED the way my programs worked before.....and even if they worked differently, I wish they'd at least work.  Today was call # 5 to Apple Care.......this time it only took an hour to solve the current problem!!!  

Okay....I feel better....hope you don't feel worse.......

Back to fiber talk.  Over-all, I'm pleased with the results from the Fiber Junkies dyeing day.
 Originally light green silk noil
 All the rest were mercerized white cotton.

My goal had been to create background fabrics.......so several above will have to be chopped up to use.  I did too much playing around which led to 'patterns' rather than interesting backgrounds.....  Oh well.....next time.


Nancy said...

Computers- love 'em when they work. Then they go and do inexplicable things we have no way of fixing and they're a headache. Good luck with your new one. Fiber results- yes, something that does work, and work well!

margaret said...

so nice dyed pieces here. I got a new lap top last october and now they are giving a free upgrade to windows 10 for it, hope all will still work