Saturday, June 13, 2015


Really, life is good when one has fiber meetings two days in a row!  
 PTA (Professional Textile Artists) member Lynne recently moved from South Carolina to Flat Rock that she's settled we got to visit her beautiful home.  Look at this view from her living room window!
 11 of our 14 members were able to gather.....all talking at once.....sharing so much it was sometimes difficult to absorb it all.
Here's a fabulous idea!  Credit goes to Lynne for this clever way to inventory possessions.  Two moves ago, she packed up some of their 'treasures', and kept pictures of the wrapped items in the top of each box.  As things go sometimes......they were never unpacked after the move, and now they've been moved again!!  She has no room for these items anymore, so....she passed the photos around for us to choose anything that interested us.  Brilliant!!
 Connie Brown (an AQS appraiser) was sharing Paducah quilt show news.....and brought two interesting photos.  This year, the appraisers had an opportunity to enter the quilt museum's 'vault'.  Here you can see how boxes of quilts in their collection are labeled and stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.
And what a coincidence.....she was standing next to box #52.....which holds a quilt by our very own Judy Simmons.
Though we had an inspiring show and photos didn't turn out well enough to share.  But, I'm happy this one did. Dort is so skilled at creating 'story' is one in progress.

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Nancy said...

The "Vault"- be still my heart! That's a good size group you have, I'm sure it's packed with excited chatter and creative ideas. So nourishing.