Sunday, May 29, 2011


After growing up and living in the Midwest for 60 years......we are often so surprised & amazed by life in the mountains.

Yesterday morning was a beautiful sunny, no cloud in the sky beginning. Then we were reminded of why this area is named.....the Smoky Mountains....

A huge cloud bank that had been sitting in the valley....suddenly rose and this is what it looked like from the front deck of our house.

At exactly that time, this is what it looked like from the back deck of our house.

AND...this is the view of the fog from the side of our house as it rolled up the mountain. Within 15 mins. it was back to being bright and sunny...though cooler. The mountains play tricks on the weather.......when we think it looks like rain it won't, and when we are sure there won't be rain, will pour.

Hope you are having 'picnic' weather, wherever you are this holiday weekend.

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