Monday, May 9, 2011


It's been awhile since I've been able to work on any projects......thank you friends for so many of your continuing supportive emails. 'The husband's' recovery progress is very, very slow but we are confident that in time, he'll be fine.

I'll be hanging around the house a lot more perhaps this piece will get some attention again. As a's my 2011 PTA challenge project that was inspired by a famous artist. You can read our rules etc. here and here.

All the applique has been completed and the major design component has now been transferred to the white on white fabric. I don't think I've used pencil to transfer a design in about 20 years.....but because this motif will be beaded......I needed to have a thin line to follow, given it can't be washed out and my usual marking tool.....soap slivers just wont' show up on this fabric.

The marked top has been hand thread basted to batting in preparation for the next step.

....which is to bead the outline of my design......

Are you getting any ideas at all who the artist is that inspired my piece??

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