Sunday, May 15, 2011


I'm a stickler for good quality construction.....for me it's not all about fast,'s about great design that has been executed to the best of my ability. If precautions aren't taken, beading can cause fabrics to distort. Therefore, I ALWAYS secure my work in a Q-snap frame.
The only exception is when I'm beading the bindings/edges of my quilts.

Q-snap frames are simply PVC tubes which come in a variety of sizes. This one is 11" x 11", my choice for smaller projects. The work is attached using clips that snap over the frame. Though you could use a round embroidery hoop.....I don't because it pulls the fabric diagonally which can stretch the bias. I've found it's best to keep the fabric ON GRAIN by using a square or rectangular frame when beading.

However, as the beading design develops, requiring repositioning of the fabric, I avoid using the clips in places where they could damage the beads. Instead, if the piece is large enough as it is in this sample, I wrap the excess snugly around the frame, and secure the layers together using straight pins or by thread basting. This keeps the fabric on grain, and well stabilized to assure good thread and fabric tension.

My 'artist' inspired piece is now in the beading phase.... The piece is attached to an 11"x17" Q-snap frame...note I used 1 clip at the top, where it didn't interfere with the beads. may still not be able to guess who the artist is that inspired my design....but I think you will recognize this motif?

I also want to mention that I'm beading through 2 layers only.....the quilt top which has been stabilized with batting. This approach will hide and protect the threads once the backing is added later.


Robbie said...

It is a good tip, Mary! I must have read it in one of your books or on your blog before, since I either use a hoop or my Q snap. Love those!! Thanks!

Julie Bagamary said...

Great tip. How's hubby progressing?

Frances Arnold said...

That is such a great tip....thanks for sharing.

I saw you at the Lake Oconee Quilter's and have developed a fun interest in beads.....THANKS!!!!