Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yes!!! Bonnie and Vicky F. guessed correctly. I hadn't intended this to be a contest....however......I hope Bonnie and Vicky F. will accept a small gift (my Funky Rooster wall quilt pattern) as thanks for playing along!! Bonnie....please email me using the link in the right side bar with your email contact, Vicky F. I have yours.

My 'artist' inspiration for our 2011 PTA challenge is Alexander Calder. Vicky said 'she's not an art student'......well....neither and am I. In fact, as the PTA members shared the progress on their pieces at our meeting....I must admit I was not familiar with a single artist that was chosen. Sad but true!

PTA member Dort suggested I name my piece 'Alexandra'......which I think is an excellent idea!

Calder had a long and varied career......using many different mediums.....he apparently liked spirals and used them often. Many of his pieces utilized black and white, yellow, red, orange, & blue. I was drawn to his work by the simplicity which I felt could be adapted to my beadwork.

This is a wire sculpture.....and naturally I'm crazy about the theme!

This huge sculpture was installed in Chicago in the courtyard of the Federal Building in 1974. I can still recall the uproar about it......there were as many viewers who liked it as hated it.

When my piece is complete I'll post a final image as well as the fun pieces my PTA buddies are creating. Our challenge will be exhibited at Mancuso's Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Feb. 2012.

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Bonnie said...

Calder was extremely prolific. It is estimated that he created an estimated 15,000 total works including mobiles, stabiles, sculptures, paintings, and a fountain. Most being mobiles.